Opening Ceremony Slovakia Branch Office

2019-10-15 20:16:00

COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Central Europe) s.r.o. is very proud to announce the opening of the Slovakia Branch Office, located in Bratislava.

On the 29th of November 2018 our company invited highly ranked officials from the Chinese Embassy, the Slovak Government and the European Headquarter of COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Europe) GmbH, as well as customers, partners and friends to the Crowne Plaza Bratislava Hotel.

Among our guests we welcomed Chinese Ambassador to Slovakia Mr. Lin, Lin, State Secretary of Finance and official representative of the "One Belt, One Road"-Initiative Ms. Meager, Dana. From our Hamburg Headquarter we were glad to receive Vice President Mr. Xiao, Buzhou and Deputy General Manager (GSD) Mr. Fang, Xiaochun.


Ms. Meager, Dana and Mr. Lin, Lin uncovering the logo of the Slovakian Branch Office

The event was opened by a speech of the Managing Director of COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Central Europe) s.r.o. Mr. Luo, Zhongming. The following speeches of Ambassador Lin and Ms. Meager made it clear how important the step of establishing a Branch Office in Slovakia is not only to our company, but mostly to the diplomatic and economic ties between the Peoples Republic of China and Slovakia.


Ambassador Lin

After the official Grand Opening, the host of this festive day Operations Director and Deputy General Manager Ms. Dockalova, Jana invited two more speakers on the stage. Sales Manager for Central Europe, Ms. Honcova, Libuse, first presented our company and the core business we are operating in to our guests. The second part was held by the Sales Manager for Slovakia Mr. JUDr. Koula, Jiri, who introduced the Slovakian team and new opportunities for clients and partners granted by our new representation.


Managing Director Luo, Zhongming and Sales Manager for Slovakia Koula, Jiri welcoming the guests.

After the official ceremony and presentation of our company, the guests have been invited for lunch. Many new friendships and relationships were made on that day, as well as long lasting memories. COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Central Europe) s.r.o. is looking forward to a prosperous and successful future on the Slovakian market. We are very proud to finally be able to say also in Slovakia:

We deliver value!


Mr. Xiao, Buzhou & Mr. Feng, Xiaochun with COSCO SHIPPING Lines (CENTRAL EUROPE) s.r.o.


Slovakian Team Ms. Bencurikova, Zuzana & Ms. Kovarova, Lucia